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    Default Indie RPG

    I'm Developer of RPG MO!

    And i like to share it with you guys/girls.
    It's Still in beta and bugs may occur.. also feedback would be nice.
    RPG MO is Html5 rpg game.

    A simple yet addictive multiplayer game where you can fight monsters and increase levels in 14 different skills. Come and invite your friends too, it is fun! Free to play!

    Game accout will be done on first log in !

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    Is there a link that I'm not seeing?

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    My Bad .. added link !

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    Game had a lot major updates lately, including new game graphics, pets, duelling, new maps and a lot more !

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    What New upcoming Patch Brings!

    Friend/ignore list.
    Can whisper to players who have space inside their name
    /w "username" text

    2 New Map!
    Fellin island
    Can get to Fellin island at Narwa. Buy boat ticket from sailor and travel to Fellin.

    Dragon Lair

    Fishing Guild.
    Fishing Guild is located at Fellin Island ( Level 80 fishing required!)
    Fishing permission is sold at rakblood fishing master

    9 New Monster!

    3 New Boss!
    Chaotic Dragon
    Nephilim Warrior

    New Wings!
    Nephilim Wings

    Q:How to get Nephilim Wings?
    A:Need Archdevil wings, Archangel wings and nephilim book, Nephilim book is dropped by Nephilim warrior

    Ice Wings

    Q:How to get Ice Wings?
    A: Collect 6 ice feather and forge, Ice feathers are dropped by Ice Wyvern

    Lightning Wings

    Q:How to get Lightning Wings?
    A: Collect 6 thunder feather and forge, thunder feathers are dropped by thunder birds

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    Few months have passed.. a lot has changed.. come and find out
    new graphics, new maps, music, Pvp, new forging system, magic crafting, altars and lot more

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