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Thread: [PAID] Single screen and 50 objects for HO game

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    Default [PAID] Single screen and 50 objects for HO game

    I'm doing a HO prototype, and I need one screen (1024x600) and 50 objects to locate. More details including object list, after getting a price. Budget is small, please keep that in mind. Even if your price is higher than I expect, I would still like to know how much this would cost. Please pm with a price, thanks!

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    I'm not clear what you need. Is it just one big piece of art with lots of stuff hidden in it? Do the objects need to be separate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by igamedev View Post
    I'm doing a HO...Budget is small.
    Hmmm. My 2p: try something else, if you can't afford art, then don't do an HO. There is just no way you'll reach the minimum quality threshold.


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    I agree with jcottier a HO is 10% code and 90% art. If you can't do the art, it will get expensive fast.

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    I can do something. I'm an artist with 2 years experience in flash. My stile is cartoonish though.

    Shoot me a pm.

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    He said he will build a prototype - maybe this is just for him to test things out and raise the money necessary to do the full game, not an indicator that he is looking for cheap art for the final product...

    Even I would be interested knowing how much 1 screen + a number of objects would cost
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    As an freelancer its really hard to know what a small budget means. Are you an hobbyist or are you donig an investment in your game? Some reference pics ( to see the quality of the art you expects)would be helpful and a pointer of how much you have budgeted for this (atleast something vauge like 3 or 4 didgets?).
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    PM Sent

    We have several excellent artists who can contribute to your project.

    Heavy Cat Studios is an animation house based in Southern California near Hollywood. We offer creative services to game developers, producers, webmasters, directors, publishers and authors. We have a team of 44 creative professionals with a variety of specialized talents in illustration, voice acting, sound engineering, interactive design and script doctoring.

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    Visit to see examples of our work. Please e-mail creativity at heavycatweb dot net if you have questions.

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