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Thread: Utah Indie Games Night - November 15th at 7pm (U of U)

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    Default Utah Indie Games Night - November 15th at 7pm (U of U)

    To all Utah Area Indies,

    It's time once again to announce another Utah Indie Games Night. It will be held on Thursday November 15th at 7pm at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Again a big thanks to the EAE department ( for hosting this event. Email me if you need directions.

    The format will be like last time, an informal get together to chat, talk about the industry, see what others are doing, show off your current project and get feedback, etc.

    We'll start off the evening with a presentation from Tom Beatty on doing 3D in Flash. After the presentation we'll break out into smaller groups for some game demos. It should be an awesome evening. I hope to see everyone there!

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    The event was awesome. We had almost 40 people there.

    You can read more about how it went with these links

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