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Thread: "ArtbySvetlana" 2D artist ready for work

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    Default "ArtbySvetlana" 2D artist ready for work

    Artists: Maria Elena Toscano, Aldo Scoppa

    Site: ArtbySvetlana

    Hello everybody!

    We are two 2D graphic artists (in a few months 3D too). In our website you can find several samples of our work and style.
    Since our website has been released online recently, these samples are few but are supposed to increase: we hope to set up a portfolio page soon.
    If you are interested in our work, feel free to contact us for any kind of request (prices, timing etc.) at:

    Thank you for your attention!!
    Regards :-)
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    A little up ;-)
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    a hard truth...more composers than games...

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    A bit of advice: I suggest you post your images here directly as it'll be easier for viewers to check your work. When I click on your site - it brings me an empty page which doesn't look good.

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