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Thread: 2d Concept artist

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    Default 2d Concept artist

    Artist : Sean Thurlow
    my blog

    Hey guys my name is Sean and I do 2d work for environments. I can also do character, creatures and vehicles. I do have experience modeling in sketchup as well. I'm currently seeking work. Please contact me through email at

    *updated with new work from 2014*

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    One more piece I did.

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    and some more and I am currently open for more work.

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    and some more and yes I'm still looking for work.

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    Hey guys adding more recent work and still scouting for new opportunities.

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    Hi Sean,
    Terrific lighting, I like your stuff.
    What a shame that your website isn't accessible, can you sort this out?


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    Thanks guys,

    jcottier- looks like my domain expired and I didn't get a email notification That's okay I'll be retooling my site this week and I'll have a new link up soon. Feel free in the meantime to head over to my blog and if you got questions shoot me a email. Thanks for the comments again.

    Hmm...I got a couple new pieces in the works but here are studies also including buildings.

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    Doing some 3d and props now with a bit of photoshop tweaks. I'll be posting later. Still searching for work.

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    New piece and yep still looking for paid for work

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    Hello i am making a 2D fighting game and need someone to do a concept design of 8 stages based around a modernized castle that's were the tournament is held how much do you charge per drawing ?

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    Couple more studies of mainly metal objects. I got one slot opening up soon so I could take on another job.

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    couple more pieces, best wishes to a new year for everyone here.

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    Swift - I must of missed your post when I updated in here. If you still need drawings done contact me at and I can give you quotes and everyone else please email me as I check that everyday. Thanks!
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    Hey everyone I'm posting new work today from a project I'm excited about. And I am seeking new projects so feel free to hit me up by email or head on over to the blog.

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    Hey guys just putting it out there that I am open to new projects at this time.

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    I'm still actively seeking working. Feel free to drop me a email.
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    WOW! This is some epic and awesome artwork man!
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    Thank you DualDragons I appreciate that!

    Hey guys I can take on itleast one more job so feel free to hit me up by mail.

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    Gorgeous work!
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    Thank you zyndikate and BantamCityGames! Quick note on the top of the page I have a link to my website. Been working on it today

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    Hey guys I have one more slot open for this fall for work. Hit me up by email.

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    More client work and pieces on my own time.

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    Hey guys I can take one more job this fall. Here is some new work

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    Hey Everyone, hope you all had a great new year. I'm open again for commissions this month and contract work so feel free to hit me up by mail. Couple new pieces from me.

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    Hey guys still got a slot open feel free to email me.
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    Just have to chime in and say that your work is just fantastic. I love the 2D environment work, just post after beautiful post lol! Would love to hire ya if I could, but best of luck getting work. Very cool stuff.

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    Mister Builder- Thanks man I appreciate that!

    New piece and yep I can still take on work. Hit me up with a email if you need work done.

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    Hey guys just a quick bump here I have itleast one more slot open for work so feel free to drop me a email.

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