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Thread: Portfolio update 2D/3D game art.

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    Default Portfolio update 2D/3D game art.


    I recently updated my portfolio ( with 3D and UI game work and some Turbo Squid assets.

    A video from my current project Slime City (

    2D UI work I did for 'Lords of EverQuest' (for Sony) several years back.

    Pixel art for Black Jacket Games' upcoming title 'Slime City'.

    The 'lab' from Star Trek for the iPhone (for CBS). Lighting on this game was all hand painted into the textures.

    I'm available for off-site contract work on a part-time basis (paid only). Full time projects can be negotiated in certain circumstances.

    I can be reached at

    Best Regards,

    Free Form Digital
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    great work

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    @mikeorion22 Thanks!

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    A recently finished group of retro shooter 2D space ships I finished for a fellow indie game dev.

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    Weston just finished a 2D tileset for me and it came out great! Communication was good and he took his time to make sure I was happy with things early on before proceeding. Now, I'm looking for him to do some more work
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    I just finished the design/modeling/animation for the 'Thumper', one of the player units in Slime City.

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    Just finished some key art for the Windows/Mac/iPad game 'Slime City'. Check it out here:

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    New Space Ship!

    Available for contract work at indie prices!

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    Just finished a contract to make a wizard-themed side-scroller. What a fun project!

    Available for contract work at indie prices!

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    Faces 2D and 3D.

    Available for contract work at indie prices!

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    Logo for

    Available for contract work at indie prices!

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    Some new work:

    Duke Nukem animated icon.

    Ad for Big Town Hero.

    Available for contract work at indie prices!

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    I'm currently working with this guy on 2D assets for a space shooter. He is the real deal. Very professional, and is able to put up with all my nitpicking whereas most artists run away. Definitely a great guy to work with.

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    @Exeneva Thanks so much for the endorsement!

    I'll throw in a quick work post as well: I just finished this character portrait for Slime City.

    Available for contract work at indie prices!

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    so much awesome works you have made man!They're so good!

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