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Thread: Hyperspace Pinball (Pinball/Shooter Hybrid) for PC and Mac

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    Question Hyperspace Pinball (Pinball/Shooter Hybrid) for PC and Mac

    Howdy! I'm looking for feedback on a game in beta called "Hyperspace Pinball." It's a shootem'up where you use pinball flippers instead of your typical boiler plate spaceship.

    My original plan was to take requests and then give the download link to individual folks, but that isn't working out at all, so I'll just post links here:



    I'd really appreciate feedback on:

    - Game play: Does it need more skill shots or more enemies?

    - Fun factor: I may enjoy it, but that doesn't mean anything if you don't...

    - Level advancement: Should everything be in one campaign flow? Should there be several campaigns?

    I plan to release it on Desura in a month or two, hopefully. Please give me feedback in this thread or e-mail me at support AT gamieon DOT com!

    Here are some screenshots:

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    I had an idea for a similar game but it never materialized. I didn't play too much to know what all your your powerups and everything are but it's looking to be pretty solid. I'm a big pinball fan though so probably not he best to comment on how well it plays for today's gamer.

    Have you ever played or heard of the arcade game Gunbarich? It's a pinball/breakout hybrid that I always though would work in today's casual market. A difference there is that you can move the flippers back and forth. I also remember a cool power up that lets you shoot bullets.

    Anyways, good luck with your release.

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