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    Default TrackVerse v0.1 (Alpha) released @

    Hi guys,

    Just to let you know that TrackVerse Alpha v0.1 is finally ready for download . It is still an early work in progress but the player will be able to build their own tracks and race on LAN or internet play provided that they know the host's IP address. To download it visit

    Don't forget to visit the Tutorials and FAQs sections for more info.

    About TrackVerse

    TrackVerse is a game about building your own dream tracks and racing on them with friends. Build tracks from different building block themes. Customize your own racing gameplay rules to make your own race experience unique! Currently in alpha stage version 0.1, TrackVerse is still a work in progress with many more updates and theme packs coming along the way and does not in any way represent the final quality or polish. What you see is what you get. Feel free to provide feedback on helping us improve the game.

    Currently available theme packs:

    City theme pack
    Post apocalyptic theme pack
    Cartoon theme pack
    Sunken city theme pack

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    Hi yapdakilla,

    Could not run the game, as I am not on windows, but the visuals are great. Nice models and good rendering.
    Physics could be a little bit more lively: there are little jumps visible in the video, but apart from that, looks a little bit 'on rails'.

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    Hi Bram,

    Thx for checking out the site. We are currently testing TrackVerse on Windows but hopefully get it also on the Mac and Linux platforms in the future as part of the testing process.

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    Looks like terrific fun - that first car suggests that there might be shooting? Bullfrog had a race game in the mid-90's with shooting that I had a ton of fun with - somehow that image recalls that game.

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    @lennard: in the future there will be shooting as part of the gameplay feature which the player can opt for. .We've just updated to a new hosting server so file downloads should be much faster now.

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    Hi guys, the new trackverse forum is up. Post anything from rants to questions regarding track building here. Don't forget to show off your latest track creations and work in progress shots too!

    Forums are up at

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    Hi everybody, we're organizing a track building contest where we are giving away the final version of the game for free once it is completed . To find out more about the contest head over to this forum for more info:

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    Hello guys, we've uploaded video tutorials for creating your own tracks here at:
    These video tutorials only apply to the alpha version of TrackVerse.

    Basic track creation tutorial:

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    Some basic track pieces for the sci fi theme pack. Road , sides, and bottom pieces are all separated.

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    Check out the vehicle showreel for the different theme packs which will be available in the future created by our awesome artist MD!

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    Custom track "The Eight" for beginners by ScorpiusG. Supports up to 8 players. Download the custom track at:

    The track building competition is still on. Details at:

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    Hey guys, TrackVerse is now open for Pre-Order at . We're selling it at 50% discount for early birds who support the game. For more details please visit the Nakama Studios store link here:

    Nakama Studios <heart>!

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    Annapolis is a medium difficulty race track built using the Sci-Fi theme pack pieces.

    The city island of Annapolis, famed for it's pristine environment offers a moderate challenge to racers with an even mixture of wide and narrow roads.

    To download this track go to:
    Tutorial on installing a new custom track:

    To download the Sci-Fi 1 Theme Pack:

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    Early work in progress models for the forest theme pack.

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    Sample scene with additional details with smaller ground props, grass, ferns, pebbles.

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