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    Anyone have any numbers for the Amazon App Store? I've had some apps in there now for several weeks and they are just barely moving around the charts. I'm only selling perhaps 1-2 sales a day.

    I'd love to know how many sales per day to expect when you get at the following ranks:

    100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and up.

    Any takers or guessers?


    Where do you advertise your apps that appear in the Amazon app store? I'm having a hard time finding places to advertise. ?

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    Same story here. Getting about 1 or 2 sales a day (have a total of 52 over about a month) compared to around 150 a day on Google Play. My game is in the top 5 on both iOS and Google Android sports charts, helped by linking directly to those stores from the Flash version, but still 1 sale a day? Ridiculous.

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    One thing I've learned is to not bother with any "alternative" stores in future. They're all shite. We get about 2 mails a week from various people asking us to spend a week to put their store code in so we may make an extra $10 from Lithuania etc and most of them we bounced. In future we'll bounce them all - here's where we were conned into working for nothing:

    Experia Play custom store. No extra sales worth mentioning
    24MAS - a tiny amount of sales but not enough to justify the customising
    China Mobile. You know that 2 billion population country? a tiny amount of sales, not enough to cover the customising
    Blackberry Playbook. Shot #1 on release day, made several thousand. A fortnight later, $40-50 a day
    Advert funded smaller games - not yet covered their dev costs, expecting to do so by about 2015

    It's all mickey mouse. Stick with AppStore and Google Play and spend the rest of your time making a new game instead of customising for fringe channels.
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    App discovery on the Playbook is ridiculous unless you're featured. In regards to the Amazon store I read where Amazon was pushing more android apps than the Google Play store, so we launched there first. I guess we'll take a look at the Google Play store now, but I've read piracy is horrid there as well.

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    top-30 is now selling ~250 copies per day,
    top-50 is now selling ~180 copies per day

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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilest View Post
    top-30 is now selling ~250 copies per day,
    top-50 is now selling ~180 copies per day
    great numbers, thanks for including these
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