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Thread: search for suitable game engine

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    Default search for suitable game engine

    I am looking for best game engine for me. At first I want to say, that I have some experiences ( I made this free game: It was made with scirras construct classic. For my next game I need something more versatile. I am not programmer, so I am looking for something like construct or something with very simple scripting language, easy to learn for anybody...

    about game- it will be casual puzzle game, with some adventure
    - I need to have classic username changing for my game
    - there will be main character, but not a classic adventure (player will influence scene, will "help" him, but not directly control him)
    - I need something with easy save system
    - I need it for windows (exe)

    and if this game engine will be free or not too much expensive, it will be great....
    Have you some ideas what engine will be good for this?

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    what's wrong with construct? If it's not broken don't fix it
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    Construct, Construct 2, or Gamemaker sound like good options.

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    I have a troubles with construct. For example on my computer does not work switching from window/fullscreen properly... construct2 does not support exe...

    I have not tried game maker - to me it seems like non - professional software (but maybe just my feeling). Can I really make professional commercial game with it?

    thanks much!

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    None of this stuff is really "professional software" so I wouldn't really worry about that. I've seen some pretty cool stuff made with Game Maker, so I would give it a try.
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    Game maker has been used for several commercial games, you should give it a try.
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    Scirra has said that they're going to look at making an exe wrapper for construct 2 once awesomium 1.7 comes out, which supports webGL.

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    Which 2d engine can be considered as "professional" ? I heard about popcaps sexyapp engine or haafs game engine. maybe there are much more of them...
    I am looking for something easy for fast development. But I will be also glad if I can learn some scripting or programming basics...

    I am just looking for really high quality engine for making professional casual games. but easy to learn for graphic artist I am not programmer, but really want make my ideas live in some decent way

    thanks much for help!

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    Soon'ish Game Maker will be releasing it's Studio version of it's software which is it's latest & greatest... and It's a huge jump forward from the legacy stuff. I personally use it, and love it. Have 2 commercial games of my own which I used it to develop... so it can get the job done, just requires the skill & imagination to come up with something
    Hope you have a nice day, 'cuz I sure will-
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    what its "Soon'ish Game Maker" ? I cant find it on web

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    if it's just for Windows, don't bother with either construct2 or game maker studio, just go for the classic versions of both
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    If you're going with construct, I really really recommend construct 2 over construct classic. Having used both, and having used construct classic on a medium sized project, I can tell you C2 is vastly superior in almost every way. The only things better in CC are faster runtime speed and full file reading/writing capabilities at runtime, but C2 is plenty fast enough for most games and as I hear when filesystem gets incorporated into the HTML5 spec, it should fix most if not all of the issues about reading and writing files as well. There are just too many benefits of using C2 to ignore.

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    I need exe (for windows). I know C2 will support it, but still I dont know how it will works...
    But I am looking for some game engine, which is acutally used for professional casual games (2d). Do you know about some really good engine?

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