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Thread: Centrifeud: DIGITAL CIRCLE SPORTS (our first game, multiplayer iPad)

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    Default Centrifeud: DIGITAL CIRCLE SPORTS (our first game, multiplayer iPad)

    Hey gang! I met a few of you at the GDC dinner this year and I might have metioned that I was working on a multiplayer iPad game. Well... it's out!

    The premise is based on Chiritorie-style controls with a dash of Mario Kart style powerups and powerdowns. It is best enjoyed with four people. Here we go in motion:

    If you get the chance to play it, I would *love* to hear feedback. This is my first game, and more than anything else I want to pour Centrifeud lessons -- good and bad -- into the second game.

    If you know anybody with an iPad, please pass this along. Against all advice at that GDC dinner I totally quit my job to go full-time indie before I put anything out *ducks*.


    Oh, and if you are in Atlanta area stop by the house-slash-office for the launch party tomorrow night! It will feature cheap beer and Aladdin for Genesis hooked up in the laundry room!


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    Hey gang! I just wanted to say thanks for the help so far -- we just released an update today (2v2 team mode, finally!) and I wanted to drop a promo code for a free copy of the game:


    Please let me know what you think of the new features, we are especially proud of the new powerups MAGNETO-TRON and GEIST.


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    Hi, I took the code.

    Quick feedback: it is suicidal to not release a 1 player game (in Centrifeud, you need at least 2 people). The UI isn't conventional, that might be good but for me it is a bad point. I did find the game really hard, may be the rotation was too fast, I didn't feel I was able to control my ... thingy. Did you try to experiment with something with more direct control? Like may be the object moving forward all the time, but the player controlling left or right turning? Anyway, I see your game as a nice prototype at this stage but it need more work or some changes in design directions.

    Good luck with it.


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    Hey there JC -- thanks so much for the feedback (and sorry this gratitude is months late). I agree about the one-player thing. We got a few bad reviews from people who didn't realize they were downloading a multiplayer-only game. The UI not being conventional -- I assume you mean the main controlling UI, not the menus -- was indeed intentional. I really like your idea of left-right steering, we didn't consider that. Our model was Chiritorie from WarioWare, so we simply used its method of on-off. Speed is definitely an issue, and our next update should include some player-controllable speed options. Thanks again for taking time to give feedback!

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