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Thread: feedback on first ever landing page ( pre product .. )

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    Default feedback on first ever landing page ( pre product .. )

    Hello all
    i need your help to get some feedback on my landing page of my pre lance product .
    i know its bad , i work hard on it . im not designer im programmer
    and even worst im not native English speaker.
    but im willing to learn from your feedback and criticism.
    here is the site:


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    Some suggested changes in text:

    Original text ---> suggested changed text
    MakeGame2d --> MakeGame2D
    HTML5 game framework for the browser+desktop+android,soon to be released. --> HTML5 game framework for the browser + desktop + android
    Enter your email address and we will keep updated when it is out first 100 users get free access to all beta releases --> Join our mailing list! Keep updated and the first 100 users will get free access to all beta releases.
    Same JavaScript Code Will be used to run on desktop And Android --> Javascript code will run on desktop and android
    OnLine WYSIWYG Game Maker for fast prototyping enable you make games without programming --> Online WYSIWYG game maker for fast prototyping and no programming knowledge needed
    integration with social networks apis --> Integration with social network APIs
    Modern web browser that support HTML5. --> Any web browser that supports HTML5
    Windows xp and up if you like desktop game --> Windows XP and up
    Android suporting 2.3 OS.if you like Android game --> Andriod 2.3 OS and up
    Soon to be released! --> Coming Soon!
    Contact if you have a question --> Question? Contact Us

    Other than the text changes suggested above, the bullets under Features should be indented in like the bullets under System Requirements. Also, it would be better if there was a space beneath this text "HTML5 game framework for the browser+desktop+android,soon to be released. " Right now, it's too close to the image and it seems too crowded.

    On a side note, it would be nice to see a few screenshots of the framework. Good luck with it! Sounds interesting.

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    Default Thank you for reviewing the page

    Thanks you so much for taking the time to review the page !
    i will change the typo , and all the things you suggested
    thanks again !

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    Default updates

    Hi i made the fixes you suggest , its looks much better now .
    i guess i need to do some more work.
    i still don't have any screens the frame work is in early (very early) alpha .
    you can leave the email and i will inform you when its out

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