Why bother with 3D at Easter holidays if you can get great discounts on my 3D model-collections just afterwards?
I set up the Easter-Aftermath at the Pure3d 3D Model Store for you with discounts up to 80% for the fastest egg-heads.
There are those vouchers to enter at check-out:

5x "P3D-Easter-80" for 80% discount on all models.
10x "P3D-Easter-50" for 50% discount on all models.
20x "P3D-Easter-30" for 30% discount on all models.

First come, first save. Until the end of the week.
Last but not least the animated bunny model is only 2,50 during the Easter-Aftermath.

Go to: http://shop.pure3d.de

Wonder what Pure3d Model Store is all about?
The model-store supplies finest vegetation and environment models for 3D artists, game-developer and other real-time technology visualizations and mobile-dev users.
Not only limited to AAA vegetation, there is also arch-viz furniture, rocks and stones, foliage, buildings and all starting from a nice price-tag from 15 for several starter-packs.