Hello people!
This is my game, that i am working on.

The genre in it, is 2D side-scrolling with RPG elements.
It will include atleast 2-3 hours of gameplay. ATLEAST.

In game you play as pig, which evolves every 5 levels, max level is now 10, might later be 20.

Current features:
- Working experience and level up system, also evolving works fine.
- Dash skill works fine too, with stamina bar.
- Includes many different enemies such as, snake which roams like goomba, flying snake which detects you if you're under it and falls down and blue guy who throws spears at you and run away and more to come!
- Jump flowers, jump on them and you will get really high! (not in drugs)

Planned features:
- Many different skills
- Towns and bosses, what rewards you with items or skills
- Spear cannon, that shoots spears (yay!)
- Armors (not sure)
- Power ups, like apple that gives you power of ANGRY PIG!
- Big world to play
- Eastereggs! WHOA!


All name suggestions i will happily take and if you come with any great idea, just tell me!

More info will be updated at here or in my blog; http://minilinkki.tumblr.com/

See you guys!