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Thread: Allround game artist - 2d, 3d, 3d lowpoly, pixelart, vector

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    Default Allround game artist - 2d, 3d, 3d lowpoly, pixelart, vector

    Hi, my name is Marco and I'm a game artist at VortixGamesStudios.
    We mainly do flash games but I'm trained in all sorts of graphics styles and formats.
    I can do from 3d, low and highpoly to Pixelart, vector or 2d painting and ilustration.

    If you want a quota just drop me a line!

    here are some samples of my work:

    3d Lowpoly

    2d Vector art

    3dHighpoly, 2d, painting


    I've not tainted these images with watermarks as I trust you guys will wanna look at pictures, not steal them.

    you can find more of my stuff at my personal site:

    you can email me at:

    let me know if you need art for your project,
    best regards,

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    here's a couple more:
    2d, painting

    3dHighpoly, 2d, painting

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