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Thread: [Paid] 2D Artist for iPhone Platformer Game

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    Hi, we need full graphics designed for an iPhone game. Most of it is a simple 2D platform game and it will require:

    1. A female character include animations, run ( 1 cycle ), jump( 1 single Frame for jump 1 single Frame for fall ), double jump, brake (1 single Frame), idle, wait(ring and talk to iPhone!), hurt(1 single Frame)...

    2. 10 enemy ( animals and insects ) with 1 or 2 simple animations ( 1. walk or fly(e.g bird) or jump ( e.g frog) 2. fire for some enemies )

    3. 5 boss with walk and attack animations

    4. 3 environment theme: jungle, ice, cave (backgrounds, elements, dirt and grass tile )

    5. Icons for buttons, objects and achievements

    6. User interface graphics

    7. Game Icon

    8. related menus: main menu, level select, etc

    The games that we will develop mostly in platform genre. For more information and better understanding you can check some game examples such as Angry Birds, Chop Chop Caveman, The new super mario bros (wii), Leps World etc. But all works MUST BE original and unique.


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    You still looking for someone?

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