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Thread: Need feedback for my online CCG: Sphere

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    Default Need feedback for my online CCG: Sphere

    Hey guys. I've actually created my own online CCG, called Sphere, that is free to play. I just released the Beta and would love for you guys to try it out. Since the player base is still small, you can try it out by creating two accounts (free) and playing a test game against yourself. You can learn more at

    I decided to make the game because all of the online CCGs that I had played, failed to give a 'true' ccg experience. They tended to be dumbed-down parodies of what a real ccg is.

    Some things that might interest you about Sphere:
    - Hero cards that gain experience and level-up through the course of a game.
    - Objective cards that are like quests that can be completed for powerful rewards
    - 6 unique races that can be mixed and matched in custom decks
    - Equipment that can be dropped and picked-up (even by your opponent)
    - Respond to your opponent's spells and effects with your own (stack execution is just like in M:tG)

    When you create an account you get a free starting deck of the races of your choice and an additional 10 booster packs of cards.

    I would love input as to how I can improve the game!

    Here's a screen shot:

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    New version of beta is available. The new version has an AI allowing players to play vs the computer.

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