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Thread: Flash for iOS and Android development?

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    Question Flash for iOS and Android development?

    Has anyone actually tested Flash CS5 to develop for both iOS and Android? How does it perform?

    I've read recently that "Flash mobile player is dead" - so how does it actually affect stuff developed in CS5 for those platforms?

    I've got a project, made in Flash, which would be ported to iOS/Android - It's a very simple educational game, But I would like to avoid a rewrite in another language/tool if possible.

    So, have any of you guys any tips? Is it feasible to make a project in CS5 (specially when considering iOS)? Or is it "dead" just like the player and should be totally avoided?

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    Supposedly the new version of Air performs very well on iOS, compared to previous versions.

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    Yes but that's like saying I could run the 100m at the Olympics very well... compared to a dead herring
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    On Android it performs OK, not great. If you don't have too many things moving around it should be fine. My biggest problem with it was the large file size. If you include the Air binaries with your app, it increases the size by like 7-8mb. If you have an Android phone, just test it out, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to set everything up.
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    Yeah,the game is really simple - it shouldn't have much going on.

    The only thing that baffles me is what AdrianC said... 7-8mb to include AIR binaries? That looks like a lot...

    Anyway, as long as the game works...

    Thank you all for your replies!

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