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Thread: Retro Dungeon Development Series

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    Default Retro Dungeon Development Series

    I am making an old-school first-person action game with fantasy and RPG elements. Similar to Hexen or Exhumed.

    I've made and uploaded 2 videos in a sort of development series I am making.

    You're all lovers of games, so what do you think?

    This is still incredibly early. So, for example, I'd like to show combat, but it's yet to be made.

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    Hey man, I dig this kind of game. Looks cool, keep at it! :-)
    Co-founder of Lost Decade Games, HTML5 game studio in Silicon Valley.

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    Thanks, mate.
    I will and am doing just that thing.
    It's hard and fiddly work, but my god is realizing some dreams of game development satisfying all the way down into my geeky soul.

    Oh, and BTW, shameless plugging aside, but I will be updating the site with more info as well small shout-outs for help when I need it.
    (Like voice acting, because you can probably tell from the videos it wouldn't turn out well with my accent.)

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    Hey, so first of all. New video delayed because, well, you can read here.
    Basically, I am afraid of show bare-bones combat because though it might function, it's not exactly presentable.

    But the big thing. I am looking for voice actors. I'm basically looking everywhere, so here is as good as any other place, right?
    So, if you are interested or know a place I could ask for some, please say so.

    Here's a link to a few of the roles and some details.

    Feel free to talk if anything seems out of order/missing to you.

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    I can usually get competent RPG voice acting done at decent prices. If you are doing a game with 20 or less samples you should go higher end than what I have but if you have a big script and can't afford $20-$50 per sentence then get in touch.

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    This is very much 0$ budget project. Well, unless people donate enough, I will buy things like that and software licenses.
    The only thing I am paying for is the website, actually. So, the only thing I have to offer is advertising people's voice talents.

    Though, most voices except for the narrator has few lines.

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    New video.


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