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    Red face XNA Hack&Slay RPG

    Hey Guys
    finally i can Post a new Thread (had to wait 48 hours after registration even if the message shows its not needed in this Forum).
    Iīm working on a 2D Single/Multiplayer Rpg using XNA 4.0 and C#. Itīs my first Project using them.
    In case that ill really be able to finish this game someday (and its worth to pay for) i plan to sell it at a platform like steam.
    Cause i still didnt find an Artist for my Project most Graphics are selfmade or Edits of Public Domain Artworks. (If someone is interested mail me:
    Actually i`ve only 1 Person who tests the game regular. That Feedback already helped me a lot.
    I wont attach the Client cause its Updated like 10 Times a Day. If youre interested Post your Email here, ill send you the actual Client.
    So, what kind of Feedback i need:
    - General Visual Feedback (What looks good/bad, what need to be changed or added)
    - Gameplay Mechanics (What feels right/wrong, what need to be added?)
    - What would you expect from a Low-Cost Game? And whats a fair Price?
    Thanks for reading

    Gameplay Video:
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    Added Questlog and 3 Types of Quests (Kill, Explore, Transport)
    Collect will be the next.

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    I like the overall of the game.

    The character animations are fluid and it seems very good for a Action RPG, it seems you have most of it down.

    I have problems with the UI, it does not fit the game, it seems less realistic when the game is clearly pointing to a more realistic approach.

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    At first, thanks for the Feedback Im glad you like it.
    The UI is selfmade (for the most parts) and im not a very talented graphic artist. In best case a lot of textures and sprites become replaced someday.
    But as long as i`m working on the engine they are fine Maybe i`ll have a try at 8-bit-funding to pay a graphic artist soon..

    Btw, added:
    - Collectable Items (Mining)
    - Collect Quests
    - Stackable Items @ Inventory
    - Flowing Text for Quest Progress and Level Ups
    - Castbar & Progressbar (for Mining, Collecting)
    - Rewardselection for Quests
    - ..
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    I think that the UI should be fine if:

    1. Change the font, check dafont for free ti use in commercial games fonts (not all of them are free, so check every license)

    2. The bottom bar has some texture behind it, and the quest inventory and description has none, making a big contrast between them.

    3. The health, magic and whatever bars are flat, make them more appealling by having a texture of sorts to add depth for them.

    4. The sword icon, for me it meant an agressive context, maybe Im used to it in several games, but a sword means battle in my brain, change it when its not above an enemy.

    5. Start you funding as soon as you have something playable and fun in order to gain some money for someone who knows about this stuff, I'm just rambling here...

    BTW, where/how did you obtained/made the character animation I really liked it?

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    Thanks again
    I agree with points 1-4. As i said most graphics are placeholders but thanks anyway for theese helpfull hints to improve them.
    To point 5: It is already playable (and fun for at least me) but i wouldnt start to early with funding cause if people see a game which isnt worth funding at a state they often dont come back again to see the progress. Correct me if im wrong.
    The character is from a bundle of ~15 which i had to buy.
    Currently working on: Potions

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    Well, to me playable and fun means that someone(probably a group of persons) already tested and pointed out several problems with your game and there was several iterations between design/corrections and the test group, and now generally everyone thinks the game has something special and playable for everyone else except you .

    After that...

    IF the funding is for graphics and you show up with amazing graphics then I would be offended. If someone asks me money for art, I expect the game to have less then average art. That's why I said playable and fun, graphics should be secondary since that's the reason you're asking for money.

    The time to ask for funding is a tricky one, and I'm sure that there are several other people here more capable of answering that question for you.

    As you said, I agree with 1 - 4 points, the 5th its up to you

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    interesting point.. yes.. its tricky.. thought a lot about the right timing.
    I have a group of person who already like the game and tests almost daily the new features of bugs and give me feedback which i work with. On what ive still to work is the "something special".
    Not all graphics have to be replaced.. for example the trees and bushes are fine as they are. What i need a graphic artist for are the XXXX textures which ill need in future at the same level of the rest.
    Ill have a try at 8-bit-funding in the next few weeks

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    - Customizeable Skillbar
    - Potions
    - Spellbook
    - Spell Tooltip

    Still searching for testers send me an E-Mail for the newest Client!

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    Had a little break but here are the updates:
    - First Area of Effect Spell
    - Particleengine and Effects for Spells and Potions
    - Bug Fixes
    - Performance Improvments

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    - Blood
    - Trading
    - New Spells (Dots, Buffs, Debuffs)
    - New Item Attributes (Movementspeed, Endurance, Life/Manaregeneration, Armor)
    - Doors & Keys
    - Many small things

    Im still in search of Testers & Feedback!

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    I like the style! about what I consider important in an rpg. my idea is that a complex and deep rpg, with many options, skills, long and detailed story. All commands explained, and all skills explained etc etc can really attract rpg lovers, even if the art part is not state of the art.

    I prefer a detailed low cost rpg to a too much simple AAA rpg.
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    Thanks Thats what im trying to do. Im still searching for a talented storywriter... cause i really shouldnt if somebody here can help out would be great

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    New Gameplay Video:

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