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Thread: Royalty Free content packs by Naaty Design

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    Post Royalty Free content packs by Naaty Design

    France, October 2011 - Naaty Design announced today the release of its Royalty Free Content Packs, Boardgames vol. 1 & vol. 2.

    You are looking for placeholder graphics to prototype your game?
    You need to quickly build a mock-up because a picture is worth a thousand words?
    Your graphic designer is reported missing and you're stuck with your project?

    Now you can relax with these affordable game packs featuring ready-to-use items for both commercial and personal productions:

    • Boardgames vol. 1 : a set of 52 Playing Cards (+ mini deck) + 16 Poker Chips + a set of Dominoes + 2 sets of Picto Letters + a set of Mahjong Tiles + 2 backgrounds (green and blue mats).

    • Boardgames vol. 2 : a Chess set & icon version + Checkboard + sets of Draughts + Tokens + Dice + Pie + Pawns,

    • a grand total of 400+ sprites (18 Sprite Sheets) + 3 backgrounds!

    The Boardgames packs vol. 1 & vol. 2 are currently on sale at

    Also available and FREE of charge, two content packs full of badges and country flags (more than 1300 sprites!)

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    A new royalty free content pack is available: "Puzzlegames vol. 1"
    This pack features 98 sprites + 1 board/background dedicated to all puzzle games such as match-three genre and Tetris-like.

    And new prices for all content packs!

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    FYI - your images on the site aren't showing up one Firefox (8 and older version) and IE 8. Otherwise, pretty cool - can't believe I didn't see this before. Gotta add to my list. : )

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    Thanks rioka!
    I just figured out less than ten minuts before checking the forums (.htaccess problem)! Fooled by the cache plugin...

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    New royalty free content pack available: "Puzzlegames vol. 2"
    This pack features 106 sprites + 1 board/background dedicated to all puzzle games such as match-three genre and sudoku.

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    To celebrate the launch of our new website, we offer a 48h00 deal - Get 30% off all Royalty Free Content Packs.

    This special promotion starts from NOW to Thursday, April 26th 12:00 noon (GMT+2).

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    How about watching a promo video until the next batch of content packs and freebies?

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    Two new freebies are available. Yay!

    - A 2013 calendar to promote your own projects,
    - The group of Eight, 8 icons to download.

    Last but not least, a new content pack dedicated to game interface is available too.
    Everything you need to set up a full menu from the loading bar to the buttons.

    This pack has been designed for high resolutions (sprite sheet 2048x2048) and looks crisp and clean on Retina displays.

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    Yoohoo! New content packs are available at last

    All you need to make a pool game with 585 sprites and 2 tables (blue and green cloth).
    There are also three dartboards if you intend to make pub games (beer not provided though).
    A wooden game interface has been added too (everything to set up menus, loading/progress bars and more).

    Note that all these assets are 2048 x 2048.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    A couple of news at last!

    New royalty content packs have been uploaded with tons of bonuses/power-ups (230 sprites) and a new steel interface (91 sprites).

    Last but not least, you can download a free starter kit for setting up your main menus right away with title, buttons, cursor and social media icons.


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    Awesome work, cool packs =). Glad to see them up for use for free that's awesome!
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    Very very good, you should contact video game schools they would probably be interested by such packs for their classes

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