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    I was wandering what CC payment system you guys prefer, I need to receive the funds at least every two weeks. 2checkout sounds interesting as they pay every two weeks and their wire transfer in non USD payments is only $5 (we are based in Australia), so I would realy appreciate hearing from people that use/used 2checkout and your impresions of their sevice. Also if anyone knows of any others that fit the category? THANKS!

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    Check the sticky thread in this forum.
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    Yes I have read this! and I have seen credit card processing issues being discussed many times previously, this is obviously business related and is helpfull for everyone to now the quality of the service provided by many of these types of companies such as regnow, plimus etc. I just like to hear other peoples experiences. Why did you move this thread to indie Basics? I think it is a very relevant question!

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    A very relevant question that as you correctly stated, has been answered several times before.
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