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Thread: Alawar - problems getting in touch

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    Exclamation Alawar - problems getting in touch

    Hi, all

    I have one of my games on alawar and have a healthy sum of money in my account, however after 2 weeks of emailing alawar to get this sent to me I have not got a replyfrom them, I have emailed 3 people within the company but no responses.

    They have be very prompt in the pass.

    Just worried they have gone **** up what with the world credit crunch and all.

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    Got the payment from them just a few days ago So maybe it's just a late payment
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    late payment I could deal with but they have not responded to my emails for 2 weeks, and I've send the same to 3 different people in the company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpoag View Post
    Im in the UK, but still 2 weeks & no reply very frustrating.

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    So, are you developer, affiliate or end-user?
    Just to clarify the problem.

    If you want, you may drop email to partners@ and I will forward it to the person responsible to it.

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