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  1. Updated Demo Reel!

    Updated Demo Reel!
  2. Updated website

    Updated website
  3. -snippppped-

  4. Tom Wright - Sound Designer - Very Experienced | Highly Skilled | Fast | Fair Prices

    Hey! I'm looking for paid work (upfront or royalties) from serious indie developers. I have a lot experience working with indie companies and I produce high quality sound effects. Although it is not...
  5. Gunshot sound library incoming!

    Gunshot sound library incoming!
  6. How many of you would be interested in buying...

    How many of you would be interested in buying some rather cheap, high quality royalty free SFX? These can be small packs of sounds such as:

    - Gunshots and Firearms
    - Melee weapons swing and...
  7. Tom Wright - Experienced Sound Designer (& Composer)

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for paid work in sound design & composition. I'm the Lead Sound Designer for the massively popular Half-Life 2 Mod, No More Room in Hell. The project is voluntary so I'm...
  8. Tom Wright - Skilled Sound Designer, looking to build portfolio

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  9. Delete Thread

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  10. Tom Wright - New but Skilled Sound Designer, willing to work for discount price

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