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  1. 25% July Discount on Pure3D Vegetation and Environments

    Over 13 first-class 3D model-collections were released within the last five years by Pure3D. Reaching from ground plants, rocks and stones up to dead or desert trees
    the 3D assets were featured in...
  2. 55% Black Friday to Cyber Monday discount on Pure3D models

    Black Friday to Cyber Monday! Get 55% discount on all models. Don't miss out the CG models on the shop. Buildings, furniture and high-quality vegegetation
    Only 20 vouchers till monday:...
  3. Art Configurator, 25% voucher, price-drops, Newsletter

    New: Vegetation Configurator!
    After some while of preperation I'm happy to unveil the new vegetation configurator on Pure3D. It is really simple! Sometimes you need very special plants for your...
  4. “Dead Trees” release. For games and mobiles

    My latest release “Dead Trees” brings 30 game-art tree models to your game. It is the 13th release now.
    It also includes additional 30 low-poly versions of each tree with a 50% reduction to make...
  5. DesertHD Vegetation release + 20% on all collections

    Today I released a new cutting-edge model collection for your fine game developer guys.
    It's called DesertHD (already the 12th collection!) and fits 100% to RocksHD.
    It covers 20 desert-styled...
  6. Celebrate Pure3D birthday with 30% on game-models

    Pure3D just had its third birthday! Three years of finest 3D in games and visualizations.
    It was an amazing voyage with lots to learn and to explore. During the last three years there was also a big...
  7. 30% Christmas Discount at Pure3D Game Model Store

    Until 1.1.2013 you can get 30% discount on all models and collections on the Pure3D Model Store.
    Just enter "XMAS" at checkout over at

    Pure3D wishes a merry...
  8. 50% Black Friday at Pure3d Game Model Store

    For 24 Hours you can get 50% discount on all models and collections on the Pure3D Model Store.
    Just enter the code at checkout over at
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    30% Halloween treat on all models

    Trick or treat! For the next few days you can get a nice 30% discount treat on every 3D model on the Asset-Store over @ - No matter if you need a spooky medieval set or old...
  10. AAA Pack "Medieval Environment" released - 35% Discount

    I'm exited to announce the release of Vol.11 "Medieval Environment" on the Pure3D Asset Store and also celebrate my 35th birthday (OMG!) with a 35% discount week for all of you.
  11. Pure3d newsletter launch with 20% on all models

    I’m happy to announce a new 20% discount round this week with 20 coupons to celebrate the very first Pure3d Newsletter I will publish once a month now. Just enter PURE3D-20-PERCENT at checkout and...
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    Easter Aftermath with up to 80% sale

    Why bother with 3D at Easter holidays if you can get great discounts on my 3D model-collections just afterwards?
    I set up the Easter-Aftermath at the Pure3d 3D Model Store for you with discounts up...
  13. RocksMOBILE - Highly optimized Environment models for mobile-devs released

    After the great success of the RocksHD I decided to do the requested low-poly edition called RocksMOBILE.
    RocksMOBILE features 35 rock models including different geological types like sandstone,...
  14. Only one more day to get the 20% annyversary...

    Only one more day to get the 20% annyversary discount from our shop http:/ entering P3D-ANNIVERSARY on checkout.

    For RocksHD there is also a Video now on YouTube. :)
  15. RocksHD - Now available with 20% limited discount

    What a month! The second model-pack in February hits the road on my small model store while still celebrating the 2nd annyversary of Pure3d Visualizations.
    RocksHD features 35 rock models including...
  16. You are right about the formats and video...

    You are right about the formats and video previews.
    Beside .fbx I dont know another format supporting animations and it could be tricky sometimes. So I decided to get happy customers but maybe not...
  17. Anmimated Animals for your games from Pure3d Visualizations

    I uploaded four animals to my Pure3d game-model shop to spice up your game with some moving assets.

    There is a cow,sheep, deer and rabbit with...
  18. 30% Summer madness discount at Pure3d Vegetation Model-Shop

    Green grass, blue sky and happy people everywhere are signs for summer time.
    To celebrate the best time of the year even in dark and gloomy offices a 30% discount on all products at our 3D model...
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    Thanks for the great responses to our new...

    Thanks for the great responses to our new released project! After some considerations about the assets of the Kabul City it's now available for sale. The possibility to release such high-quality...
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    The rabbit has just a texture setup....

    The rabbit has just a texture setup. diffuse,normal,spec.
    It's a small animal so there is no need for fancy shader tech. ;)
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    Yes first floor is enterable with very basic...

    Yes first floor is enterable with very basic interiour like tables and chairs.
    The other floors have rooms without furniture. So it could be exteneded if needed.

    I forgot about the Youtube...
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    [Game Environment] Kabul Streets

    The last weeks I worked on an interesting project with my company for a client from virtual training (serious gaming) sector.
    The project was done with the Leadwerks 2.4 egnine which is really...
  23. Right. 19 for ground plants and 22 for every...

    Right. 19 for ground plants and 22 for every other pack. Prices are on the page so interested people can take a look there. :)
  24. Whats missing? :)

    Whats missing? :)
  25. Pure3d Visualizations – New vegetation and environment packs

    Pure3d Visualizations – Specialized on your environments
    Pure³d is happy to announce the release of four game-asset packs containing a wide variation of vegetation and environments for game creation...
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