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Jan 1, 1988 (Age: 35)

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Unity Performance Optimization: Animation Module https://blog.en.uwa4d.com/2022/01/18/unity-performance-optimization-animation-module/ Jan 29, 2022

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      The Fifth UWA DAY on Dec 4~5, 2021, over thousands of game developers joined worldwide conference, official website: https://en.uwa4d.com
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      We providing support for Tencent game, Netease game, ByteDance NUVERSE game and some world-wide companies. FYI: https://youtu.be/GBEyMjU05Ck
    6. UWA4d
      UWA's provide products for developers using Unity and Unreal Engine, such as online service and local tools for performance optimization.
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    7. UWA4d
      UWA is a professional game testing, VR and AR applications developments company. We provide various optimization products.
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    Jan 1, 1988 (Age: 35)
    UWA Technology is founded on August 2015, located in Putuo District, Shanghai, China. UWA Technology is an integrated platform dedicated to providing project research and development, technical consulting and talent training solutions for games, VR, and AR applications. UWA can provide a variety of optimization products for developers who use Unity Engine and Unreal Engine, such as: Game Performance Monitor, Local Testing, Game Optimization Toolkit Online, etc., helping developers efficiently solve development problems, locate performance bottlenecks and find solutions. In the meantime, UWA has created a series of community products such as Technical Blog, Q&A Forum, Open Source Library, UWA Education, offering great convenient and efficient knowledge support to developers in the industry. UWA is also expanding training business including online training and offline education session to meet the industry’s demand for talent cultivation. UWA is not only oriented to Chinese users, but also developed English and Japanese websites to target more overseas industry developers and expand overseas business.

    All members of the company have excellent academic backgrounds and rich work experience in the 3D field. The founder and CEO Zhang Xin graduated from the State Key Laboratory of Zhejiang University, and has worked in key technical positions in Shanda Games and Unity China. Under the lead of him, UWA has been established for six years and has provided technical support services for many large Chinese game companies, such as Tencent, NetEase, Bytedance, Mihoyo, SNDA, Seasun, Perfect World, Giant, IGG, IGS, etc, with more than 8,600 game projects in service. Starting from a team of 3 members at the beginning, UWA has now expanded to having nearly 50 employees with high academic background and professional skills, and has gained a high reputation and market share in the industry.

    UWA Technology participated in the "Star Selection" of the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security for three consecutive years, and it was selected as the top 10 in the "Star Selection" in 2016. UWA was also selected as an enterprise in the municipal competition for the "Entrepreneurship in Shanghai" International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for three consecutive years. In 2018 and 2021, UWA was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. In 2018, UWA completed the seed round of financing, and the Pre-A round of financing with tens of millions of CNY was completed in 2021.

    Under the mission of "Make it Simple", UWA looks forward to providing more industry developers with recognizable products and trustworthy services.



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