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  1. Shilou
    Writer with little experience but willing to work on anything available! Very passionate and creative and wanting to learn and meet others!!
  2. Chris P
    Chris P
    Hello. My name is Chris I am a practicing 3d artist and am looking if any one needs any original 3d models made for there projects.
  3. DisOmikronCJ
    I'm Chris, video game enthusiast and music composer.
  4. Carmen_Gunstar
    We're finishing Phobos Vector Prime!! a space shooter: Campaign + MOBA
  5. François d'axone
    François d'axone
    So, to keep things simple: We are currently working on a strategy game called Fleet Arena. More on that later friends! :)
  6. François d'axone
    François d'axone
    Greating everyone, my name is François and I am the co-founder of Axone Multimedia a small video game studio from Quebec.
    1. jevy1000
      which engine you guys using?
      Oct 18, 2017 at 5:59 AM
  7. beewop
    beewop Ivanotus
    Do you have any rough drafts for characters? How 'pixelly' should they look? would you mind continuing this over email?
    1. jevy1000
      Oct 18, 2017 at 6:01 AM
  8. Thatguyminib
    Thatguyminib gamefunderCH
    Hey, I am from a small indie studio called Lazy Goblins and we have published one mobile game and participated in many game jams. We are always pushing ourselves and are currently looking for a new project to take on. Here is a link to our website You can contact me by personal email
  9. RathMons
    Hey, nerd. New here, looking to make games.
    1. jevy1000
      which engine??
      i use game maker studio 1.4
      Oct 18, 2017 at 6:02 AM
  10. Ahmet Koctar
    Ahmet Koctar
    "Simple Plot; Complex Characters."
  11. wowsoundsg
    We provide high quality and unique royalty free game music and sound effect!
  12. wax_lyrical
    wax_lyrical Pisito
    If you're looking for a project, and have time to commit, I'm looking for an artist: Here's a game of mine:
    I'm looking to create an online action strategy game, in a persistent world. Please let me know if this is of interest.
  13. Luke Johnson
    Luke Johnson
    Composer for Film, TV and Video Games. Sound Designer. Game addict!
  14. RyuFuji
    NEW HEREEE! I'm looking for someone who's willing to help a noob learn how to Use Unity & C#! I will finish what I started
  15. FranOhal
  16. blue apple
    blue apple
    Dancing with a banana (don't judge me)
  17. Zoey Rochelle
    Zoey Rochelle
    I am a casual gamer who has a few ideas to turn into games that aren't currently on the market.
  18. RestlessEnigma_219
    Currently studying C# and Unity3D
  19. AtomicPegasusStudios
  20. mendicantbias
    mendicantbias AtomicPegasusStudios
    alright man, add me on skype, my name on there is bryonayres, ill introduce you to the rest of the team. most of what you will be working on is concept art and maybe some 3d art if you are up to it.
    1. AtomicPegasusStudios
      I will have to download Skype, but have you heard of discord, it's free and way better.
      Sep 27, 2017
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