View Full Version : Feedback request: Empire of the Gods (Game)

02-15-2008, 11:40 AM
I would like to present demo of my new game and hear any opinions from you. It's a simple puzzle/card game with ancient Egypt theme. It has an original concept which I would like to put in the public test.

It runs on MS XNA, concretely on TorqueX, however I'm planing to use my own engine for final.

Here are some screens:
http://lonelytroops.com/eotg/scrshots/scr01_small.jpgLarge (http://lonelytroops.com/eotg/scrshots/scr01.jpg)
http://lonelytroops.com/eotg/scrshots/scr02_small.jpgLarge (http://lonelytroops.com/eotg/scrshots/scr02.jpg)

>>> DEMO (http://lonelytroops.fileburst.com/downloads/eotg_demo_setup.exe) <<<

02-16-2008, 06:58 AM
Hi !

I have been testing it on the first 5 levels. It's pleasant to play, the graphics are pretty nice (the 4 card parts could have slightly bigger separations in between them, maybe, but that's just a personnal feeling).
I haven't played the whole game, but it seems like it might end up being a bit too repetitive. The original idea is nice, but in the end the card order doesn't have any actual impact on the outcome :s Just boost green to have the 'add 3 to all but green' cards, then boost whatever color you don't need and use the cards from that color over and over again, adjusting which ones to use to what final numbers you need to get..

I might have missed something, though, and maybe higher levels add extra stuff I haven't seen yet, so if my comment is irrelevant, sorry !

02-16-2008, 07:45 AM
Thank you Mollusk. You're right, the boost tactics often works well and it's OK. It would be frustrating if you would have to warm your brain in each turn. Later levels are more tight and you could more easily make a wrong move by simply following the same tactics.

Also, we are going to rework bonus cards system and as I hope, it will bring more diversity into play. You will gain a fame for certain achievements, e.g. using of all cards, getting high amounts of resources atc. You can then spend the fame for buying bonus cards and/or special perks, or just save it for later levels.