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02-06-2008, 10:54 AM
Hi all, based upon feedback from the November build I completely rebuilt the UI for Font Fiend to be much, much simpler. Since then I have been using the tool to create prototype fonts for use in two games that I am working on. I expect that there will still be a few more mod's before final release but it's in use for production work now and, at least for me, it's a very useful tool - between this and Icon Workshop from Axialis I am having a great time making a good looking UI for prototyping game play.

If you give it a spin then please let me know what you think:


Here's a screenshot showing some output:



02-06-2008, 01:47 PM
Very cool piece of software you have there. I only played with it for a few minutes, but I haven't encountered any problems so far. I'll definitely consider purchasing it when you release it, depending on how much it'll impact my future needs.

02-06-2008, 02:37 PM
I tested it, really setting out to be positive and finding the good sides. But quite soon I found myself increasingly frustrated with the app and stopped when feeling real anger setting in.

Just a few points:

(1) There is still no way of seeing the entire font set at once, only one character at a time. And navigating between the characters only through the buttons with arrows or through a listbox is still highly inconvenient.

(2) Why can't I set the size of the font? Is this a limitation in the demo vs the real deal? If so it won't earn you any purchases because it feels like a bug and made me very annoyed when using it.

(3) Why the home-brewed, non-standard dialogues, especially for loading fonts? Why only the non-expanded filenames when selectng fonts rather than the full font names?

(4) Why the separate-window layout?

(5) Have you asked for any feedback when designing the frontend? Because it is still a struggle to use and the interface is non-intuitive. This does not mean you must simplify it, things can be complex and intuitive at the same time, it simply means that it is not self-explanatory or comfortable to work with.

(6) Why only TGA-textures when making effects? Especially given that you can use .PNGs for the backdrop (which can't be autoscaled to the window etc). It is a relatively uncommon format, and also, it failed on all .tga files I tried. Thus, it appeared utterly worthless.

In short, the interface is still a navigation and the demo gives me no reasons why I would want the full version. There may be many worthwhile aspects to your application, but if so, they aren't emphasised by the demo. It simply made me angry to the point I actually felt relieved when shutting it down. Though there is great potential use of a program like this, again, as it is now, I can make anything anything this program does, easier, faster and better in Photoshop.

02-06-2008, 03:41 PM
Hi guys, thanks for the feedback. Mikademus, I will respond to each of your points specifically:

1. Think about very large fonts and some of the stuff that will be said further on - there are other app's that will give you a single sheet if that is what you are after.

2. Yes, it's greyed out for the demo - I should make that more clear.

3. I needed to build that kind of UI so I could supply the complete filename and path to freetype.

4. You can open multiple windows into the font set. Typically I work with a window open to a specific character that I might be nudging and another window open with a piece of text that needs to have kerning tweaks applied. I find it very helpful to be able to edit tweaks live and watch both windows changing so that I can make my text positioning pixel perfect.

5. It's clear that you don't like it and that it frustrates you. This is the last UI redesign on this program. This is a very small market tool for which I will most likely never make my dev. $ back but, as stated in my announcement, it does solve real problems for me and so after quite a bit of soul searching I decided to press on and release it expecting that others will download the demo and decide if it works for them or not.

6. Will add PNG support. If you want to email me a failing TGA file I would be happy to take a look.