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08-19-2007, 03:06 AM
I have been working on Roach Toaster 2 for a while now. I now really really need help in testing and balancing it.

Update v0.8

Lots of new things have been changed in this release.

-New Graphics
-New Gameplay mechanics
-Lots of polishes
-Lots of bug fixes

Who am I?

I am Simon "Tr00jg" de la Rouviere (from South Africa). I am the mastermind behind Shotbeak Games.

What is Roach Toaster 2?

Roach Toaster 2 is a sequel (of course). Roach Toaster 2 is a unique blend of turn-based strategy/puzzle and top-down shooting.

Roach Toaster 2 is currently in the beta phase after more than a year of developing it as a hobby. I plan to sell it.

2mb v0.8
DOWNLOAD HERE (http://www.shotbeakgames.za.net/RT208.exe)


-Left-click is all you need.

Testing-helper shortcuts:

-"Q" kills all the roaches in the level.
-"A" gives you all the units.


Beta (v0.75 screenies).

A level


Current known still-to-fixes:

-Spelling errors (d'oh).
-Unpolished scrolling text.
-Increasing bouncer's bullet speed.


(There is no music in this version)
Design, Programming, Music: Simon de la Rouviere
The good sprites: Francois van Niekerk
Redesigned Sprites: Simon de la Rouviere
Menu Art: Christine van Der Ahee

08-20-2007, 10:47 AM
Added new screenies to convince apprehensive testers. :)

08-21-2007, 08:30 AM
Judging only by the screenies, I still think that the graphics should be your main concern now.

Simplicity's okay, but the usage of colours could be much better. On the screen #2 there's a mix of grey-scale backdrop and vivid coloured blocks. Personally I would advice to either leave it all B/W or make it all colourful. Right now it kinda hurts eyes.
And the walls on the screenie #3... they remind me of a product of my metabolism that I don't like to think about ;).
I understand that it's a programmer's art, but colouring isn't matter of personal talent and you could easily fix it by some experimentation.

From other things, the backdrops and sprites could use some love too and those pop-up panels on your YouTube video, they would look better with some AA on the edges. Try making them more crisp.

As for the game itself, I showed the video to few fellows a my job and they all stated that the idea seems great, but presentation could be better.

Hope that helps and best of luck with the project.

08-21-2007, 09:23 AM
Thanks TeeGee!

That is what I have been getting all around. I am just not quite sure where to start and what precisely to change, but thanks anyway. :)

Bad Sector
08-21-2007, 10:07 AM
This is a very refreshing take on combining strategy and action (or i'm too ignorant when it comes to such games :-P). Loved it, really.

As previously said, though, the presentation isn't the best around. I'm not really talking about the sprites and such, but more about the whole thing. How the dialogue is presented, the map (from which i accidentally started a level just by clicking around) screen, the menu (that sketch is very good, but needs to be inked and colorized - in digital :-) and the in-game screens.

Something that i cannot comment on is the sound because right now there are no speakers connected to my PC.

In any case, you have a very good game here, it just needs a bit of polishing.

If you don't know where to start from, start by deciding if you want a cartoonish or pixellish theme (nowadays realistic looks bland in 2D) and follow that. And remove the gradients (gradients *are* good but only to help add a bit of life, not to be used as the base for everything). Put a more varied theme in your levels' tiles (in other words, don't use brown and white squares everywhere and when you get rid of them, don't use the same tile for walls and floors).

08-26-2007, 12:00 PM
I experimented with a new "level" look. The previous "walls" have been made to look like buildings. The ground is going to look like a dirty street, ie blotches of random black-stuff, old newspapers, etc. The current tiles will now be transparent over this "dirty street". Its still sketchy, but what do you think of the idea? I will definitely add the "dirty street" look , but what about the walls. Do you like the concept?

Here is 3 different versions: (The entire UI is not done yet).




08-28-2007, 01:29 AM
They look more like partially-transparent cubicles than walls. I reckon take the middle one, get rid of the upright bits that aren't next to an open area, ditch the transparency, and make the walls higher so they look like buildings and not garden walls. And texture them. Also think about what real buildings look like - they're not just walls! They have doors, windows, fire escapes, balconies, fancy architectural bits, etc.

10-09-2007, 06:37 AM
Hey guys! I am having trouble getting decent feedback. I want to know what you think of the game in this state.

Everything is in the game, except some sprites, level editor, boss levels and general balancing and polishing. ALL the levels are in, but they have not been tested at all.

I want to know if the game is "acceptable" at this stage. If I continue as it is now (ie do all the above that still needs doing), is it okay?



Screenshots at the top.

10-09-2007, 12:17 PM
I love the gameplay and I know that it's not finished, but here's what I've noticed...

1) The repeater only seems to shoot to the right. It won't aim in any other direction
2) The dialog mentions a tutorial, but I don't see one
3) Is there a way to re-start a level without running out of money?
4) Pace is a bit slow during the action phase. Maybe speed up the circle and shooting, or have a speed up option.
5) 'A' doesn't seem to give me anything.
6) Continue does not work.

I haven't tried anything passed the grenades yet, but I'll have to hit 'q' on every level until I get there again.

I think this would also work great as a mobile phone game.

10-10-2007, 03:08 AM
Thanks for testing Hooble!

1) The repeater only seems to shoot to the right. It won't aim in any other direction

I am too sure how you gained this unit, via "A" or not. If you get it via the traditional manner, there will be info at the end of the level saying how to use it. Before you place, you must press SHIFT to rotate him.

2) The dialog mentions a tutorial, but I don't see one

Ah yes, I took it out for this version because of how the game drastically changed. I'll have it in the next version.

3) Is there a way to re-start a level without running out of money?

Yes there is... and I am stupid for not realising this earlier. I still have to add the menu. In the menu, you can restart the level without losing money.

4) Pace is a bit slow during the action phase. Maybe speed up the circle and shooting, or have a speed up option.

Okay. The pace is fine by me, so I will include a speed-up option.

5) 'A' doesn't seem to give me anything.

I forgot to mention that it should be used when you are in the "Big City".

6) Continue does not work.

Ah yes, thats a fault on my part. You are currently not suppose to be able to exit the game by pressing the game, thus the game is not saving properly.


Thanks again for testing. :)

10-10-2007, 04:46 AM
Yeah, I got the repeater the normal way, but I was into the gameplay and skipping the dialog completely at that point. I imagine most people would end up doing what I did, and then have no way of knowing how to use the repeater properly. On-screen indicators really are the best option here, as most users won't read much dialog. Also, people expect a visual queue when there is something different from the normal function, in this case to indicate that the user need to aim the gun. The most obvious thing to me, and the first thing I tried after discovering that it didn't auto-aim, was to click a second time to aim it. Maybe after placing, a 'line of sight' line could extend towards the mouse until you click again.

It'd be nice to have an on-screen indication of when the grenadier is going to fire. It charges for 3 rounds, so there really should be something on screen indicating the time remaining to reload/recharge. I guess it's the same with the Kamikaze.

I really enjoy this game, and hope it does well for you. I may do something similar for mobile phones in the future, using the gameplay as inspiration.

10-11-2007, 03:09 AM
Judging by the video, I'd say graphics and sound should be two of your top priorities. It looks like programmer art, I'm afraid. :)

It also looks like the gameplay moves a little slowly. Maybe consider speeding up the animations a bit? This could even work as a real-time game, I can see it getting pretty hectic with more enemies.

10-11-2007, 05:46 AM

Thanks. I really appreciate that you like game. Since you never actually use the keyboard, I like the point about using the mouse after placing the repeater to set him pointing in the right direction. I will also work adding more visual cues and general feedback to the game, like showing when the grenadier is going to fire.

As for the mobile game. Sure man. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. :rolleyes:


Yes... The graphics. I think I would much rather finish the game first and then focus on the graphics, but it is a priority.

11-03-2007, 03:12 AM
Hi guys! I have here v0.83 of Roach Toaster 2. This will most likely be the last public version I post. So yeah. Please test (if you have the time) and tell me what you think!

There has been too many changes since I last posted the game here, so just check the versions.txt for changes.

The YouTube video is really low res and the previous screenies I posted, so I thought I would upload some proper high-res screenies.