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08-02-2007, 08:28 AM
Finally thought it was time to show this boards the game I've been working on, and ask for some much needed advice. I think I uploaded it here last year, but its changed quite a lot since then.

There are 5 complete levels in this demo: about 30-40 minutes gameplay, and the finished version should have 30-35 levels.

Still about a month off completion, and yes I know there are still the odd graphical hitch, and the voice audio and sfx are somewhat ropey :P Plus there still isn't any instructions or hi-score, and I need to add a tutorial. Basically all you have to do is collect all the gasket rings and go to the end of level portal.

I also need to do some optimising so it runs on as many pc's as possible. Its 3d and requires DX7, a 1ghz+ Processor.

Also because its somewhat uncasual, I'm unsure how to go about selling this as its not obvious Portal fodder (though there is a match-3 game in there if you look!). Ideally I'd like to find a publisher as having read these boards I'm fairly certain selling this to its best is probably beyond me. Can anyone suggest a publisher that has a portfolio that might suit this game. What deals might be open to me, and what should I ask for?



Thanks in advance and regards Rob Buckley

08-02-2007, 08:54 AM
I get a mav on vista